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Viña showcase

Imagine sitting through a three hour church service in a language you don’t understand as a six year old child.

What would you take away? If your answer was "not much", you and the team at Viña are on the same page.

In Guatemala, children account for one third of the entire population. Similar statistics hold true across Latin America and much of the world.

Few Biblical materials exist for these children, especially if they belong to a small or marginalized language group.

Imagine the impact Biblical materials could have on this under-served population.

But How?

Part of the answer can be found in an unexpected place: a small audio visual studio in the Guatemalan highlands. Viña is housed in an unpretentious building on a hill so steep that most vehicles avoid it. From the outside, no one would guess that Viña’s work is impacting children from the Kaqchikel villages of Guatemala to the Quechua communities of the Andes and the Ilocano-speaking regions of the Philippines.

The project that’s having so much of an influence is called Deditos, or “little fingers”. It is a video series starring finger actors that tells the story of the Old Testament chronologically. 

Deditos was designed specifically for children ages 4-14 who belong to oral cultures. Each video comes with Sunday school curriculum, songs, and activities which empower teachers to help children grow to their full potential in Christ.

Testimonies about Deditos:

"They are so relevant for us and the things that happen with our people. We've all come to love the little Deditos that speak our language!”
Elizabeth, member of National Union of Indigenous Translators (UNTI), Nahuatl language, Mexico

“Many church leaders in the Philippines are saying they are intentionally showing Deditos to every age group since the videos provide such a clear and foundational look at who God is, why man was created, how sin entered the world, where evil spirits came from, etc. Deditos shares key Bible stories preceding the birth of Jesus…..These little fingers are causing a lot of trouble! They are causing so much interest and curiosity in the true God that our partners can’t keep up with the desire for Bibles and Bible studies…It is really amazing!”
Colin Edwards, Vernacular Video Mission International (VVMI)

“Deditos builds a powerful Biblical foundation for children, much like Sunday School did for most thriving American believers. Watching the full story of God's love through finger puppets has, is and will be a trajectory changer for many during their important formidable early years—before they make the kind of devastating life choices that people can make if they have no understanding of God's love for them when they are innocent. Those choices have consequences that can create calloused hearts that are harder to penetrate with the simple message of the gospel."
Dan, Wycliffe Bible Translators